beasts - 1Thanks to my friend Mary Myers for sharing this article with me, I use both the Divine Office app and iBreviary quite often. During the week I pray morning prayer at Holy Ghost in community using the single volume Christian Prayer book, but generally evening prayer is on the iPad using iBreviary. Hands down, iBreviary is my favorite app. In fact, you’ll see the iBreviary widget in the sidebar of this blog.

Sometimes I use the Divine Office app for it’s audio track when I’m walking my beasts, but I’m not a big fan of the way they pray it. As one respected clergy member said, their prayer seems a bit “unctuous” and I’m generally not a fan of the hymns they select. When I’m in a hurry I use the Pray Station Portable podcast, which is a bit speedy for my taste, but good if you don’t have much time in the car and want to be sure not to miss daily prayer.

Nice article, Phillip. I’ll be following you…

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