apple_logo“The time has come to dispel with the ridiculous narrative that Apple is no longer growing. Apple stock is a screaming buy. Period. While the headline noise will have you thinking everything is going wrong with Apple, the reality is, everything is going right. Its “side businesses” drive more revenue than Facebook times 250% and equate to over 60% of Google’s revenue.”

Ophir Gottlieb, CEO & Co-founder of Capital Market Laboratories

Apple stock closed at $96.45 today, which makes it absolutely clear to me that Wall Street is clueless as to the value of the largest company in the world. It demonstrates how recent concerns about Apple’s growth in light of recent  supply chain rumors causes people to act out of irrational fear. It’s just crazy!

This article by Gottlieb is an excellent read as to why Wall Street’s recent sell-off of Apple stock is without merit. For those of you who are holding Apple, keep holding it! It will come back. For this who are not holding it, NOW is the the time to BUY!

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