The following are just a few resources that can help you make the most of the Advent season, preparing well to welcome Our Lord Jesus into the world and into our hearts. My prayer is that you will find them useful and that you will spend a bit more time in prayer each day during Advent so as to enter more fully into the joy of the upcoming Christmas season.

God bless you!

Pray More Advent Retreat
(from the folks at Pray More Novenas)
Advent with the Saints
A free daily email featuring a short and inspiring Advent audio reflection from the lives of the saints by Fr. John Bartunek, LC. Each daily 1-minute reflection is designed to help you be encouraged along your Christian journey to be a light and a beacon of hope amidst the reality of your daily life and to help others around you do the same. 
Advent (on Formed)
“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” or, at least that’s the assumption based on that familiar holiday song. But what does that look like at your house? Most of us anticipate the great sales at the mall on the day after Thanksgiving, string lights on the outside of our house, and decorating the inside of our homes. But how exactly are we preparing our hearts for the greatest gift we’ve ever been given? Through an exploration of the mystery of the Incarnation, the Virgin Birth, and the events surrounding the arrival of Jesus, this Advent study offers an opportunity to experience the joy of the true meaning of Christmas.
Daily Gospel Reflections by Bishop Barron
Spend your time with Christ in the Gospel this Advent alongside Bishop Barron and the Word on Fire community. Reflections on the day’s gospel reading delivered daily to your email inbox.