Word on Fire Show

Bishop Barron’s new Word on Fire podcast.

The Word on Fire Show with Bishop Barron, hosted by Brandon Vogt. I haven’t listened to episode one yet, but it’s bound to be an awesome podcast! The first episode is a reflection on the four Americans Pope Francis mentioned in his speech to Congress: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day, and Thomas Merton.

If you have never before listened to a podcast, you can do so in a couple of different ways. The first way is to simply listen on your computer by clicking the Play button for the episode in your browser. Simple enough, but not portable.

Some of the podcasts I subscribe to.

Some of the podcasts I subscribe to.

The way I listen to podcasts is via a podcast app on my iPhone (they are available for Android as well). The advantage of using an app is twofold: 1) You can listen on the go. I listen in the car using my Bluetooth connection to my sound system and also via headphones when I’m out walking. 2) You can subscribe to a podcast so new episodes are downloaded as they become available.

I subscribe to a variety of podcasts and always have something interesting to listen to when driving or walking. There are podcasts on virtually any topic you can think of.

Apple has an app called Podcasts you can use, but my personal favorite is one called Overcast. It’s not free, but it has many advanced features not found in Apple’s free Podcasts app. Regardless of how you listen, I strongly encourage you to find and add podcasts to your media consumption diet. Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire Show would be an excellent place to start!