Saint StephenDeacon Greg is one of my favorite bloggers, sharing daily his thoughts on news events and a wide variety of Catholic topics. Today he shares a story and a homily on the diaconate, well worth a read.

Here’s an excerpt:

As I approach the anniversary of my ordination, this reading from the Acts of the Apostles seems to have even more resonance. The account of the death of St. Stephen – the first martyr of the Church, and a deacon – reminds us of how this vocation began, with an extraordinary sacrifice. One man, giving his life for the gospel.

And remembering how it all began is to realize something humbling, and beautiful: to be a deacon of the church is to stand on the shoulders of giants. St. Stephen. St. Lawrence. St. Francis of Assisi. Deacons who left an enduring mark on our church.

This Sunday, deacons are preaching in every corner of the world – there are 17-thousand of them in the United States alone, from every walk of life. And the diaconate continues to grow at an astonishing rate. It is truly one of the great success stories of Vatican II. But there are still a lot of misconceptions about this ministry.

Thank you Deacon Greg for all you do for the Church. I am so looking forward to joining the Order of Deacons when myself and 23 of my brothers in the Diocese of Knoxville are ordained on June 11. Please keep us all in your prayers.