Many people today have the false understanding that faith and science are at odds. In other words, one can not be both a faithful Catholic and a student of the sciences. And, heaven forbid, they certainly can not be a good Catholic and also believe in biological evolution! To put it bluntly, this is just plain hogwash! 

The Society of Catholic Scientists will be meeting this week, with experts from across the world presenting on topics ranging from evolution to AI to the nature of faith. A page on their website answers frequently asked questions about the relationship between science and the Catholic faith. It is EXCELLENT and worth a read. 

Here are the questions it answers, with references to Catholic sources on each topic:

Q1: (A) Does the Catholic Church accept Evolution? (B) Did the Catholic Church ever condemn Evolution in the past?

Q2: Doesn’t Evolution show that a “Creator” is not needed?

Q3: Don’t physics theories of how the universe began show that a “Creator” is not needed?

Q4: Doesn’t the Book of Genesis contradict the Big Bang and Evolution?

Q5: If humans evolved from other animals, how can we be special, have “spiritual souls” or be made “in the image of God”?

Q6: How do “Adam and Eve” fit in with evolution and the science of human origins?

Q7: Aren’t miracles contrary to the laws of nature and therefore impossible?

Q8: Science is based on evidence; what is the evidence for God?

Q9: Isn’t the idea of “faith” contrary to reason, evidence, and freedom of thought, which form the basis of science?

Q10: Hasn’t the Catholic Church historically been opposed to science (e.g. Galileo)?

Q11: Can a scientist be a Catholic believer?

Q12: How are humans any different from thinking machines (AI) or intelligent animals?

Q13: Doesn’t science show that free will is an illusion?

Q14: Aren’t human beings and human minds completely explained by physics and chemistry?

Q15: Would the existence of intelligent Extraterrestrials be consistent with Catholic belief?

Q16: Doesn’t the vast size of the universe show that humanity doesn’t matter in the cosmic scheme?