The Lord has truly risen! Alleluia! Sin and death have been destroyed, and new life has been offered to all who cling to the Savior in faith. What a glorious day we celebrate today!

Nothing ever has been and nothing ever will be more glorious than the triumph of the Son of God over sin and death. Easter must fill us with awe and wonder. Because of His death and Resurrection, our lives are changed forever.

The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the be-all and end-all of the Christian faith. If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, all bishops, priests, and Christian ministers should go home and get honest jobs, and all the Christian faithful should leave their churches immediately.

It comes down finally to this: if Jesus was not raised from death, Christianity is a fraud and a joke. But if he did rise from death, then Christianity is the fullness of God’s revelation, and Jesus must be the absolute center of our lives. There is no third option.

As we celebrate the great Solemnity of Easter, reflect, today, upon the fact that God’s plan for your life is perfect. It’s a plan that God wants to unfold for you one step at a time. The end result is the glory of the Resurrection! It’s a life of perfection with Him in Heaven when every tear will be wiped away.

It’s a plan that removes every sin, sorrow and suffering, and leads you to the fullness of joy. The way to embrace that plan is to take one step at a time as God leads. Little by little, God wants to change you, free you, forgive you, strengthen you and set you on the path to glory.

Believe in the most awe-inspiring glory that you could ever share in. Believe in the promise of the Resurrection. Make sharing in it your one and only goal in life, and let God lead you down that path, one step at a time. 

Credits to Bishop Robert Barron and to Catholic Daily Reflections