Nearly six years ago, during my Theology of the Body classes with Dr. Janet Smith at the TOB Institute, I believed Dawn Eden was an enemy of sorts…that she was absolutely wrong in her interpretation of TOB and her criticism of Christopher West. I’m not sure I feel any different about that today, but I was pleasantly surprised to read this National Review interview about her new book and it definitely changed my opinion of a woman who seems to have matured into a very wise and wonderful author. Or, perhaps it’s me who has grown and matured?

What really struck me was this quote in the interview, which ironically sums up my feelings about her after reading it:

We are not God; we don’t know what lies deep within other people’s hearts. And our feelings can change according to what we learn about a person. For example, I think we’ve all had the experience of coming to like someone whom we initially disliked, or coming to dislike someone we initially liked, based on receiving new information about that person.

Thanks to Dawn for sharing her insights into God’s mercy in her new book, “Remembering God’s Mercy: Redeem the Past and Free Yourself From Painful Memories.” It’s definitely going on my reading list.