Wednesday, 22nd Week OT A
Luke 4:38-44

In today’s gospel Jesus reveals he is the Son of God by healing the sick. The healing of Simon’s mother-in-law is described in only a few sentences. We are told only that she was sick, she had a fever, and that people interceded for her healing.

Notice how quickly everything happens. Christ helps her to her feet immediately. She cooperates without skepticism or words of protest. She believes in Christ. His grace is effective. The cure is complete and instantaneous. He allows her to stand up on her own and resume her duties.

This passage reminds me of the grace we receive in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. When we bring our sickness to Christ in the sacrament, we are instantly healed. If we make a good confession, after an honest and thorough examination of conscience, we get up and we know that we have been forgiven, we have been healed. This healing is instantaneous and we are able to start anew. We are given the grace we need to immediately and effectively begin serving him again.

May our reflection on God’s word today open us to the grace of encountering Jesus, who seeks to restore to new life all of us who stand in need of his healing love. May Christ come to our house and enter in, and by his command cure the fever of our sins.

Every one of us is sick with a fever. Whenever I give way to anger, I have a fever. Whenever I think I am better than someone else, I have a fever. There are as many fevers as there are faults and vices.

Let us resolve to regularly confess our sins, especially those we commit over and over again, and receive the healing power of absolution, the total and complete forgiveness of our sins. Each time we receive this sacrament, we draw closer to the Lord, are restored to health, and are given the grace we need to get up immediately and continue to serve him.

God bless you.