Imperial Palace Waterpark

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While my last post showed a picture of the pool at the Radisson Blu where we’ve been staying for the last week, it was a photo I shot yesterday and never uploaded until the hotel wifi connection improved this morning. Today will not be a pool day at the Radisson. No, today and tomorrow will be a day at the Imperial Palace Waterpark where we’ll be lodging for the next two nights.


We’ll be checking out of the Radisson around noon today and heading to the Imperial Palace. Jake and Oma will also have a room there tonight with their Nanny (the Yaya) and the kids. We’ll have a half day at the waterpark today following our early afternoon check-in and a full day tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the rain will stay away! This should be great fun for all the kids…both large and small!

Stay tuned for more photos and video…I’ll definitely have the camera out.



  1. Looking forward to some fun in the water slides! I know I’ll be half dead by the end of the day but it will be worth it. I’m also excited to spend "family time" with Jake & Oma!It’s important for Scott & I to leave lasting memories with these beautiful grand children & it’s okay if it wears us out. We’ll have plenty of time to recuperate!I hope I’ll never be too old to do fun stuff with the little ones!

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