700x450_Pilot_14747This quote from Barrie Schwortz, a leading scientific expert on the Shroud of Turin and a former skeptic concerning the authenticity of the Shroud, sums up why so many choose not to believe that this is an authentic post-resurrection image of Christ found on this burial cloth.

“I think the reason skeptics deny the science is, if they accept any of that, their core beliefs have been dramatically challenged, and they would have to go back and reconfigure who they are and what they believe in,” he said. “It’s much easier to reject it out of hand, and not worry about it. That way they don’t have to confront their own beliefs.”

“I think some people would rather ignore it than be challenged.”

Isn’t this why so many choose to ignore matters of faith? If they accept the truth they have to change. Change is hard and, in matters of faith, it requires personal sacrifice. Read the full story here.