A Homily for Thursday in the Octave of Easter
April 4, 2024
Holy Ghost Church – 8:00 Mass
Acts 3:11-26; Psalm 8:2ab and 5, 6-7, 8-9; Luke 24:35-48

Audio Recording


Happy Easter! As I’m sure everyone knows, we are still in the Octave of Easter, meaning today is still really and truly Easter Day. This is why we continue to celebrate our Mass with the Gloria and with the Easter dismissal sung by the deacon at the conclusion of Mass.

Our readings today continue to bear witness to the most fundamental truth of our faith, that Jesus Christ is truly risen from the dead and that there were many witnesses to this, witnesses whose lives were so profoundly changed by their encounter of him in his resurrected body that they were willing to do whatever they could to share what they experienced, what they saw and what they touched, to the ends of the earth. The disciples encounter with our risen Lord was truly life changing.

When Jesus made his incredible appearances to his disciples, he knew that they did not yet understand all that had been revealed about him through the prophets. He knew that they did not yet understand why he had to suffer and die and then rise again. He explains that repentance, for the forgiveness of sins, will be preached in his name.

Jesus had to carefully explain to His disciples the meaning of what had just taken place. They needed to understand this on a level that they couldn’t comprehend by themselves. They needed Jesus’ clear and detailed explanation as well as a special grace by which their minds would be opened to an understanding of these profound mysteries of faith.

Dear friends in Christ, we are no different than these disciples. It’s easy to believe in Jesus for insufficient reasons which only result in superficial faith. Some believe simply because that’s what they were taught when they were young. Some believe because it makes them feel better to believe. Some believe because they don’t know of anything better to believe.

But then there are those who believe because they have listened to Jesus speak clearly and in detail to them, by regularly attending Mass, by studying Sacred Scripture and the Catechism, and through the regular practice of daily prayer. Dear friends, are we among these people? Are we among those who make it a priority to really listen to our Lord as he speaks to us in these ways?

If we are, then we have another duty. Not only must we continue to internalize God’s truth, allowing it to deepen and change our life completely and totally, but we must also become witnesses to that which he has revealed to us. When we grow in an authentic knowledge of the faith revealed by our Lord, we must share it with others. Real faith must be shared!

Reflect, today, upon Jesus’ powerful resurrection appearance in his glorified body, a body with the same likeness we will each inherit at the end of time. A body that can be seen, touched, eat and as St. Thomas Aquinas said, even travel the universe at the speed of thought. A body that is no longer subject to disease and death, to pain and suffering. A glorious body that will be united with our soul for all eternity.

Reflect also upon our duty to be a witness of these truths to others, truths revealed to us through the eyewitness accounts of Christ’s resurrection by his Apostles and disciples.

Dear friends, Jesus Christ is risen, he is risen indeed! Never be afraid to share this glorious truth with those who have yet to hear or understand this life-changing Good News. God bless you.